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Your product experience is one of the most intimate touch points a consumer has with your brand. We help foster this personal connection through the integrity of your packaging. Whether you are creating a new concept product or innovating what’s already been done, Borax Paper simplifies packaging development. Our comprehensive understanding of customer preference and best-manufacturing practice helps deliver a custom solution that is unique to your individual concept.

Do you have a square peg for a round hole?

Squeezing a product into the wrong package will eventually squeeze dollars from your bottom-line. Either in manufacturing, processing or in the consumer experience, the band-aid will come unglued. Production downtime, excess waste, or a poor product experience will start to affect your profit and the stability of your brand image.

When your product is unique, sometimes the conventional packaging just doesn’t fit. With years of industry experience and a team of manufacturing allstars, we are able to execute the most creative packaging designs that compliment a distinctive product with an exclusive package.

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